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The Sixel Filmmaking program is specifically developed for both Training and the Production of a certain category of films. Through our attempt, we desire to serve the deserved. The whole program splits up into two different wings of production. The first stands the Training, where the individual is trained to achieve the complete knowledge of Filmmaking. Download the course material in the Training page, And the next comes Production. As a group of filmmakers, we technically produce films.


The Sixel Studio also involves in technically producing the certain category of films by providing the vital equipment. Every filmmaker can write us for the details and the way of approach. We promise to stand by our terms and conditions at any cost to assure that your film gets wrapped up to the finish. We have provided the necessary steps to be taken to get our assistance

Keep it Ready

Firstly, You must be prepared with the finished script and other production information. Failing to submit any of them leads to disqualification. Don't worry you will have another chance.

Provide yourself

The member who plays a role of the Director has to face an interview through which we select the desired one. The interview deals with story narration and other technical stuff.

Get Going

Have successfully cracked the interview ? Then sign our terms and conditions and just get going with the Gear you need.

Image by Tyler Lastovich


1. The Studio is only responsible for the technical equipment such as the camera gear and the desktops for post production.

2. Every candidate finalized and selected in the interview will have to pay a security deposit of Rs.8000 with no further hidden charges.

3. No extra expenses will be paid by the studio such as remunerations, location and transport charges etc.

4. The film has to be a short movie or a documentary with the runtime of 10 to 40 minutes.

5. No barriers for Language, Genre or the style of making.

6. The production of the film should be completed in certain period of time decided by the studio.

7. All the cast and crew should be arranged by the team and there will be no interference of the studio in any manner.

8. The studio team will be involved in the production until requested by the filmmaker, will be charged as per daily basis.

9. Our technical assistant will be accommodated with your team for assistance.

10. The makers of the film has to be full responsible over the equipment in case of any loss or damage.

11. Sixel has full control to break the project on spot when noticed of misusing the program such as producing something which are not narrated or exploiting the equipment.

12. After the movie has been finished its production, A single title card must be played bearing the name of the studio.

Due to COVID-19 Outbreak, The submissions will be temporarily on hold. You can register below by providing your details. When the situation gets under control, we ourselves contact you.

Register to Sign up
  • What's Sixel's Rental marketplace?
    Sixel marketplace is digital platform where the DSLR cameras and its accessories are available to rent. User can directly access the rentals page and select the desired item and can book it through filling out our form in Contact us page
  • How is the rental duration calculated at SIXEL?
    Sixel rentals work on a 24-hour format i.e. 1 Day is counted as 24 hours from the time the item was delivered to you
  • How can I pay the rental amount?
    The rental amount can be paid through Mobile wallets ( Paytm, Amazon Pay, Phone pe) UPI
  • How do I book an item from the rental marketplace?
    Firstly, after exploring the marketplace and deciding an item to rent, go to contact us page where you can choose the particular item and the exact date to rent. when we get notified, we will quickly respond as soon as possible and initiate the process
  • After booking, how do I get my equipment?"
    You will be contacted after you submit your requirement in our website. And, you are invited to our studio and provide the necessary documents and you are requested to pay the advance to book your equipment on the date you requested. Our technical assistant will be getting your equipment to the given location on the given date.
  • I need multiple products, is there any discount offered?"
    Yes, When you choose multiple products, the prices are negotiable.
  • What happens in case an item or any accessory gets accidentally damaged/lost during the rental period?
    On rental period, the whole responsibility of the equipment will be on your shoulder, as per our terms and conditions,where in case of loss or damage, you are liable to settle us with the price or the product
  • What all details do I need to provide to verify my profile?
    As part of Sixel's Know Your Customer (KYC) process, customers will be required to verify the documents/details below after the payment is complete: 1. Social Media Accounts (Facebook or LinkedIn) 2. Profession (Student / Self-Employed/ Employed/ Freelancer) 3. Govt. ID (Aadhar Card / Driving License / Passport) 4. Address Proof (Rental Agreement/ HR Confirmation Letter/ Electricity Bill) Once this data is submitted, Team Sixel will verify your profile at the back-end. If all looks great, we will approve your profile and no further action will be required from your end. Kindly note, in case the customer has not completed the verification process before the delivery date, we will not be able to deliver your items
  • I wish to cancel my order? What is the process for this?
    For cancelling an order, you may drop an email with the request to Sixel team will confirm the cancellation and refund the advance amount shortly Or, You can directly call and inform us about the cancellation. Our details are labelled in contact us page
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