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Drone above an Ocean


Master the art of modern film and technology 

Course duration : 1 Year

An Objective

We are proud to take part in building one's dream into a film. A new way to be implemented to train an individual systematically to achieve the right knowledge to be an eligible content creator

Enhance yourself

A chance to upgrade yourself in both the creative and technical sides of the filmmaking

A Special Welcome

Every outcoming filmmaker from the training are allowed to join our team of filmmakers to work for our further projects

Urban Photographer

The Curriculum 

The Interaction

•  Sixel's take on Filmmaking

•  The Theory

•  The Journey with Sixel

•  What's a " Story" ?

•  Literary genres

•  A Digital approach to Film 

•  A Filmmaker's Role

•  The Sixel Edge

Image by Waldemar Brandt


Get the complete idea on how to visually write engaging screenplays by creating believable characters. Express yourself as a successful writer with loglines and writing synopsis.

•  The Introduction

•  Visual storytelling

•  The Protagonist, An obstacle and A Goal

•  Importance of the Theme

•  Creating and Developing characters

•  Research and its incorporation

•  Anatomy of a Screenplay

•  Scene designing

•  The Dialogue 

•  Analysis - Workshop

•  Understanding audience

•  A Writer's Block ?

•  The First draft

•  Rewriting and Beat sheets

•  Loglines and synopsis

•  Observation and practice - Workshop

•  Prepare your script in Celtx

Image by Mitch Nielsen


The role of a producer is very crucial in bringing in the creative, technical and financial sections of film together. Learn the role of a producer and be it.

•  The Producer

•  The involvement 

•  Responsibility

•  Funding for pre-production

•  Funding for post

•  Film appreciation

•  Bring it to the Theatre



Also called as the Director of photography and mastermind behind the movement and the light on the image. Witness the training of virtual cinematography techniques

•  The Introduction

•  The Why and How

•  Digital approach - Basics

•  Choosing a camera - DSLR and Cinema

•  The Exposure walkthrough

•  Understanding the Lens

•  Shot composition and Framing

•  Shot Analysis - Workshop 

•  Camera movements and Angles

•  Drone and Steadicam cinematography

•  Live shooting - Workshop

•  Depth of Field

•  The Color theory

•  The Light - Introduction

•  Characteristics of Light

•  The Three point lighting

•  Live demonstration - Workshop

•  Live project 

Image by Skye Studios


Editing plays a major role in affecting flow of the film thus directing the audience emotional perspective. Learn the role of an editor and his relationship with the rest of crew

•  The Introduction to Editing

•  What's a CUT ?

•  Mechanical and Narrative cuts

•  Software training - Adobe premiere pro

•  The Transitions - Impact

•  Editing the footage - Workshop

•  Software training - Davinci Resolve

•  Editing the footage - Workshop

•  Live project - Edit a short film

•  The Conclusion

Editorial Design


A production designer has a key part in the creative process maintaining the overall look and content in the frame. Learn the impact and importance

•  The Director's view

•  An Inspiration

•  Role in pre and post - production

•  The Art department

•  Make up and Costumes

•  Location scouting 

•  Set design and visualization

•  The required skills

•  The conclusion

Film Slate Marker


Filmmaking is not a one man job as it requires a team to be done. It is the Director's responsibility to guide the technicians of all the departments making him ' The captain of the ship'

•  The Vision

•  Story analysis

•  Script breakdown

•  The Collaboration

•  Editing and Cinematography 

•  Working with the crew

•  Casting and Audition

•  Directing actors

•  Resources and training

• Editing and Sound design

•  Music and Scoring 

•  The Rehearsal 

•  Assisting a director

Sound Speakers


Sound is the main part that elevates the picture and can impact the feel and mood of an act. Learn the importance of syncing the sound and picture that deepens the story

•  The History and introduction

•  The Audio track

•  The Acoustics

•  Record and Sync

•  The Music in the film

•  The BGM theory

•  The voice overs and sync sound

•  Software training - Adobe Audition

•  Post production

•  The conclusion

Fee Structure

Rs. 90000 

Contact us for installment plan 

Note : There are no hidden charges. All the workshops and the project work will be assisted and sponsored by the studio.

The Sixel Edge

The trainees are given freedom to use the studio's camera gear and accessories for their project work.

The project works to be submitted to the studio library for showcasing.

If we acquire the suitable script for production, The studio may even consider to produce it to the platform it meant to be.

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