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We always focus on serving the customers in various forms thus making them feel comfortable in their point of view. Our conclusion was to update the way of work putting ourselves in the challenging zone which allows us to work efficiently. Any digital content creation process requires many steps for its development which needs a strong idea and the storyboard to make it to the big screen. To develop every content, we broke our service pattern into six different departments that cover the entire pipeline process. So we are proud to announce that SIXEL is not a name, it's SERVICE.

Sixel studio photography


The snapshot includes all the photography services where we capture all forms of events such as Weddings, Outdoor and indoor shoots, and many more. We have the best photographers always ready to gear up and take up the work. We have the best teams to coordinate and perform. To book a shoot, just call us and inform the kind of shoot, the date, and the location, and the rest will be done by us.

Photo editing at sixel studio


PhotoLab is a digital environment set up by Sixel, where all the photographs are brought to life by various editing techniques. Our team of photo editors work seamlessly with industry-recognized tools and software to get a picture say its story. Sixel has powerful computers that can handle the huge renders and the team has powerful thoughts that can bring life out of the flat image.

Filmmaking at sixel studio


The Flick initiative is the main intention of the studio encouraging passionate and deserved filmmakers. We look forward to help all the deserved film productions technically by helping them with the camera gear they require. There is a three-step process to acquire our hand which we mentioned in our terms and conditions page. We also produce our films where we let any passionate join our crew.

Video editing at sixel studio


The Rework is a process that completely deal with the video content. After shooting a video it needs to be cut, corrected and arranged in a right timeline to make it a masterpiece. Our team of editors involve in editing various types of flicks such as short films, documentaries etc. With our capable machines and software, we strongly strive to match the perspective of the customer.

Color grading at sixel studio


Sixel shade is a process of delivering the quality to a video with the help of color correction and grading. Every video is said well-produced where the colors are well displaced and graded for capturing the mood. Sixel performs Digital Intermediate with a Hollywood standard software with well-experienced colorists meeting the customer's creative side.

Music post production at sixel studio


Sixel tune involves digital post-production of Audio track in the timeline. At present we are trying our best to bring this service to the customer. This particular department is still in the process of setting up the stuff. keep in touch and stay tuned for further updates. 



Feel free to contact us for any queries and suggestions. Here are some basic issues we address:

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